Lightspeed is a time lapse camera that's as easy to use as the built-in camera app.
Just hit record and start filming!

Lightspeed gives you complete control over the shutter angle and shooting speed,
enabling you to make the most creative time lapses imaginable.

  • Capture intervals as fast as 1/12th of a second up to 5 minutes apart.
  • All of the timing and camera controls can be adjusted while the app is recording.
  • 1080p HD movies are saved right to your camera roll.
  • Watch each frame develop in real time.
  • As the cinematographer, take control of the amount of motion blur in your time lapse by adjusting the shutter angle to create light trails and silky smooth motion.
  • Continuously adjust shooting parameters while recording to create fun effects and happy accidents.
  • Film from a moving vehicle and capture a hyper lapse of your travels.
  • Film personal projects and watch them unfold at warp speed.
  • Use Lightspeed on a second device to control the camera remotely.

Lightspeed works by accumulating light in a manner similar to a motion picture film camera, where the shutter angle is adjusted to control how long each frame is exposed for. A 180° shutter is the typical setting used for motion pictures, and will give a natural cinematic look to your time lapse movies. Dial the shutter down to 1° degree to minimize motion blur for a staccato feel, or ramp it all the way up to 360° degrees to maximize motion blur and give your videos a smooth, fluid look and feel.

Lightspeed is a demanding app and as such runs best on newer devices. iPhone4s and higher supported as well as iPod Touch (5th Generation) and iPad3.


Time lapse of the morning fog over the golden gate.
Filmed at 2.5 second intervals with a 180° degree shutter angle.

Filmed at 7.5 second intervals with a 180° shutter angle.

Filmed at 1.5 second intervals with a 180° shutter angle.